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Caterpillar Showdown (Update)

Hello again!

I write this in enraged fashion as I have spent 3 hours of time yesterday originally writing this, only to mistakenly refresh the page and somehow lose what I've written. To say I am peeved is an understatement but hey ho, life goes on, suck it up buttercup and all that!

My only reasoning for this is that I never wrote a title for it which led it not to be autosaved. It is definitely a lesson I am going to remember for a while.

Since the disaster, I've slept, eaten, gone to Tamworth to get some bits, watched White, Jordan & Sinclair on talksport & I feel ready to continue. Although I'm still peeved! I probably will be even when the post is put out there!

So now I will attempt to rewrite and finish this post.

I have wanted to write an update post ever since I decided to come off my mini break from things after mania weekend. Ideally I would of liked to have done it before my star wars day & latest LNSA post. If you haven't checked them out, do it! They're awesome.

Top story though and recently there has been a titan sized altercation in the caterpillar cake world!

M&S is taking Aldi to court because it claims Cuthbert infringes the copyright of its famous Colin the Caterpillar cake.

The caterpillar cake division is stacked with contenders from supermarkets all over.

As well as Connie watching on from M&S! Wiggles from Sainsburys, Curly from Tesco, Cecil from Waitrose, Morris from Morrisons, Clyde from Asda, and Charlie from the Co-Op all look like worthy contenders for the best caterpillar cake title!

Who would you say has the best cake?

The case may have come across as a David vs Goliath encounter by name, but it is certainly similar to Kong vs Godzilla in stature!

On the undercard of this huge bout, I will be going over my thought process of the last month, ideas I have had and just some general rambling.


As well as the caterpillar cake story, another story came out about scones and if you are a jam or cream first kind of person. Me personally I am a jam first type of guy, it just makes all the sense in the world.

Listening to it unravel on talksport of all places, myself and I'd imagine a decent amount of the population were horrified when Laura Woods admitted she eats her scones like a sandwich!

So how do you have it? Jam or cream first?

My own question now, how do you feel about cheese in a sausage roll?

Stilton & wensleydale make sense to me but not a strong cheddar. I recently had a sausage roll whilst I was out and I guess it fell into the gourmet kind of style. It was nice but I feel the strong cheese ruined it for me a little bit.

There is this Mexicana spicy cheese I have been buying recently and its fantastic! I think that would go well in a sausage roll or something!

A couple of weeks ago I brought a bottle of wine with an interesting & spooky looking label. The wine is by 19 Crimes and as from today I brought the rest of the wines that I could fine that were made by them.

It has lead me to do some research about the people on the bottles and the crimes committed.

You can even bring the people to life through an app on the phone which was freakish!!

I feel the wine would go well with a few spooky/horror games or films that I have seen. Little Nightmares 2 & The new Resident Evil has caught my eye.

As well as a couple of films, A Quiet Place Part 2 & The Unholy.

I'll leave the trailers to see what you all think! I haven't seen the first part of A Quiet Place so maybe its time for a catch up.

I treated myself to a BT sports pass for the champions league final, which is an all English final between Chelsea and Manchester City.

I'm getting my moneys worth out of it as I have been able to get the europa league & the rugby.

So I will no doubt be making something for the finals coming up.

I took an immense amount of pleasure in seeing Arsenal getting knocked out of the europa semi finals by Spain's Villarreal, who are managed by Arsenals previous manager Unai Emery.

The Arsenal fans & others were horrible to Emery when he was in charge and I thought it was beautiful poetic justice to see how things unfolded.

New things I have been recently trying and mostly baking have gone down ok at work. I've made a Coca-Cola chocolate cake that came out like a rich fudge cake. I made savoury scones for the first time in years & made these things from Yorkshire called fat rascals, which resemble a scone & a rock cake.

That is naming a few to say the least!

Even trying little things like adding honey to my bacon at home & adding a few ounces of oats into a crumble mix at work. They make a difference!

Coming up I have a few ideas for a lot of my features that I would like to put out there at some point!

Level ups!

For the hint of gaming in my cooking that's involved with this feature, I have a few ideas! I found something last month that I never knew even existed! A vinyl soundtrack from the Jak & Daxter games! Anyone that knows me knows that those games are my favourite games of all time!

Granted I may have paid a little more than I normally would but this is no normal record!

I tracked its journey and its destinations from its dispatched place to me went like this:

Las Vegas, Kentucky, Philadelphia, Castle Donnington, Tamworth & Nuneaton.

There are no real food references in Jak & Daxter so I think I am just going to make something with a selection of my favourite ingredients. Maybe chorizo & this spice cheese I have recently had will make the list? We will see!

Also for level ups I have the ideas of making onion rings to refence the legendary sonic the hedgehog! As well as creaking spicy pigs in blankets to go with the PS1 classic, hogs of war!

Super Sunday (Name to change)

This feature was originally featured around snacks/food whilst watching the football, has now changed! I want to use this feature for day time sports, so when I am watching the rugby for example. I did a post a few months back about the six nations food I was doing and I thought it would be good to include it!

We have the Euros & The British & Irish Lions tour of South Africa to come in the summer. As well as the champions league, europa league finals coming in the next few weeks so there will be some content coming out of that feature.

Food Memories

I have a couple of food memories I would like to write and reminisce about soon!

A couple that are football related which are hot dogs from the world cup in 2002, when I went into school early. I mean what 11 year old kid wont remember the time they had hot dogs for breakfast!

There's a homage paid to a childhood friendship & an anniversary of when I went to Old Trafford with that friend.

Another food memory is remaking the school lunch I always wanted in my lunchbox, so I'm fancying making homemade Jaffa cakes and lunchables! But adult sizes of course!!

New Features?!

I've had ideas for yet more features to cook & write about!

Two definite ideas I'd like to look into as well as a few others on my mind. Idea one is a feature I might call Chewi Cooks & the idea is straight forward & says what it says it is. I plan on cooking recipes out of cook books & giving my verdict on the process & outcome. I thought this would benefit me and the blog as I am looking at new baking recipes for work, as the baking part of my job I have a decent amount of freedom in.

I may do each post with 3 or 5 recipes though or else I am never going to be away from the laptop as I have already taken photos for 3 or 4 posts.

Idea number 2 I am still unsure about making a full blog feature. Late last year I started an Instagram page to do with photography & exploring new places, well places I've never been before at least. It all started with this disused railway line that was turned into a walkway, I liked it because of the walking dead/Lord of the rings vibe it gave off.

So it has stemmed from there really & I thought about if I take my time in a place then I'm going to need something to eat. So if I maybe looked at a collaboration with the pages & focused on picnic food or something then I guess that could work.

So I've got a bag sorted and a few other bits I still need to get. In fact I am heading to a place or numerous places tomorrow, so its an early start for me!

My only concern is feeling like I have to do food every time I want to go somewhere so I will be looking at that and just trying to enjoy the day out.

I had a similar feeling after mania that I was doing all of this because I had too and not because I wanted too and that's not good in the slightest.

If you want to check out the Instagram page then I will leave a link in the logo below! Thankyou in advance.

This about wraps it up for my rambling update, I think of ideas on a daily basis. Some that are good and some that are not.

Thankyou all for reading!

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