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Catching Up!! (Update)

Hello everyone! Long time no speak!

This is my first update since April I believe which is crazy and not so good on my part. The time has gone by so fast, I cant believe we are just beginning August.

So this update is for me to play catch up for the months I have missed and to bring you all up to speed!


The Last Of Us: Part 2

As you may know by now I am a bit of a gamer!

One game I have been waiting to play for a while is naughty dog's the last of us part 2, I played the first one back in 2013. I was dedicated to playing this without it being spoiled by people online, which is very common nowadays. So I ended up deleting my Facebook, YouTube & Instagram apps on my phone until I finished it, I also stayed off of the internet full stop because if someone spoiled it then I wouldn't have been very pleased to put it nicely. I hate spoilers and its its turned me off of a fair few things like the Marvel & Walking Dead stories.

The game itself was just outstanding, everything about it was spot on. The graphics, the story, the emotional ties, the tense situations & the attention to detail is just something else.

It received a lot of bad press after its release which baffled me, I think listening to a lot of reviews I am not sure they get the point of the story.

But for those that were unhappy, it is your loss because I enjoyed it!

So that took just over 2 weeks of my time!



I have been getting back into the football over the past month or so. This is mainly because all of the bad things that have happened in it, from a Forest fans point of view anyway.

These things are Liverpool, Leeds & Coventry all winning their respective leagues, Aston Villa surviving from relegation and Forest bottling the run for playoffs on the last day of the season!

Its not good, not good at all.

On the plus side it certainly peaked my interest again like when I was younger, It is also confirmed that Forest will play Coventry next year which is a huge game for me. It is just a shame that fans probably wont be back in stadiums in time, but what can you do.

I have a couple of food memories post idea in mind that involve football so I will be looking to get those dishes made and posts written!



I managed to catch up with Better Call Saul & Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both shows gave me post ideas that I would love to do so watch this space!

It is hard for me to get into a series, like I have tried Sons Of Anarchy & Game Of Thrones but they couldn't keep my attention. I will try again though one day I am sure.

I recently started Prodigal Son which is on sky one at the minute, mainly because it has Michael Sheen in and he is one of my favourite actors.



Onto the whole point of this blog, the food!!

I had to write out a timeline from April to now with notable mentions so my Instagram came in handy for this.

I will mention now about my Star Wars day with Chewi's Beanz & The beer dough pizza, I wont go into to much detail about those because they are already up on my page as posts.


Negan's Spaghetti

Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnnn.

Now looking back at this post on Instagram, I actually thought I had written the blog post about it but it turns out I haven't. But it is just another that I have to catch up with. I think I even teased the post on my last April update.

I actually made this dish twice because I found a cutting board I totally forgot to use it the first time.


VE Day

I didn't really do anything for VE day until the last minute, I was at work and being nobody planned anything I thought I would do it off my own back. It was nothing fancy but just a mini buffet.

I made a nice apple crumble, a Victoria sandwich, ginger biscuits & a fruit cake. As well as some buffet food too, I was told it all went down ok anyway so that is the main thing.

I remember listening to The Who pretty much all day, also I remember getting home and having a drink, a barbeque and chilled out evening.


Money In The Bank

So I am a bit of a wrestling fan, as you will see at the end of the month I have a post coming about an event I went to a year go. Anyway like all over sports and entertainment during the pandemic, live events are no longer possible. Which left the wrestling events to be pre recorded and done in a cinematic way, like a film.

With the event being aired in America, I have to watch the event live at midnight. I thought being I don't really stay up to watch it that I would make something for it. So I made a snack box for me and my brother to share.

The snack box contained a couple of BBQ bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, some chicken nuggets and chips. It was nice and the event was entertaining so it was well worth staying up for.


Homemade McDonalds Breakfast

Due to the current circumstances out there, McDonalds had to close for a bit and reopened with a restricted menu. I think the day after they reintroduced the breakfast to the menu, I was going to get one but I didn't in the end because I didn't really fancy sitting in a massive queue for it so I decided to make my own.

So I went to Tesco and got the bits to make a sausage & egg mcmuffin and a few other things.

It was something I have always wanted to make my own version of & there are plenty of fast food dishes I would like to make in the future.


Carrot Cake

I was given some mini carrots made out of icing a few months ago and I always said I would make carrot cake with them. It was an improvised carrot cake due to not wanting to go out to get the right ingredients.

I swapped out the cream cheese icing for a lemon icing and also used rapeseed oil & caster sugar instead of veg oil & light brown sugar. It was nice and the icing packed a real zing of flavour.

So fresh cake, a coffee (yes I drink coffee now, get over it) and sitting out in the garden was a winner!


Pizza Bombas

Last but not least!

I love Gennaro Contaldo, his recipes, sense of humour & personality are amazing, and also anything to do with pizza and I'm in!!

So its a no brainer when I seen this recipe that I was going to attempt to make them, and I have never made pizza rolls before. I will leave below so you can try yourself!

What made this recipe extra special was that I made the beer pizza dough I made for my latest unfinished business post. It is a versatile recipe, I have calzone, cinnamon buns & flatbreads to try with that recipe at some point.


Running & Diet

I think it is safe to say that my running has gone out of the window, for now at least. I have some form of pulling problem with my knees.

Last month I managed 2 runs, compared to the 10-13 times a month to what I have been doing.

My weight isn't so bad, I am about 13 stone 5, well that's what the scales told me last night, I still am being good just not as good as I was. I had my first dominos of the year the other day and it was glorious! I finished it all in one setting and I cant remember the last time I did that.

Anyway I hope to get back into it slowly soon, go slow today so you can go fast tomorrow!


That is me just about caught up, I will be looking to do more posts and get the content levels up!

Before I go I want to leave you with a video I found of a guy cooking, turns out he is really popular so I have just found him a bit later on. He is very entertaining and his don't care attitude is funny.

Anyway enjoy! Take care & speak soon.

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