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Breaking Bad Birthday Breakfast...... Bitch!

El Camino! is the latest instalment in the breaking bad franchise, It was a few weeks ago now and it tells us what happens to Jesse Pinkman after he escapes from the compound and answers questions left from the breaking bad series finale.

El Camino was released on the 11th and my birthday was a day before on the 10th, so i merged the two together and made Walter Whites birthday breakfast from the breaking bad series.

Can you guess how old I was?

I wasn't actually that hungry when i made this for myself, I made it from fried eggs, a homemade hash brown and streaky bacon to make up the numbers.

I made it when I had got in from work so it was more of a all day brunch than a good hearty breakfast, so I either had a beer with it or a glass of orange juice, I cant really remember.

The food used in breaking bad has always interested me. Along with the breakfast, there is the fried chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos & Gustavo's homemade Cuban fish stew he makes for Walt and Jesse.

They are defiantly on my list of to do's.

So what do you think to the food? what did you think to El Camino? and what food from a movie/TV programme should I make next?

Make sure you like & comment and ill speak to you soon....... Bitch!

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