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1 Year Of Food With Chewi!!!!!

This will only be a quick post from me!

So today marks one year since I decided to start Food With Chewi!!

It was something I considered for well over a year before I actually started it, but I never acted on it because work was busy and stressful and it took up the majority of my time.

For this I decided to change my logo with something new and fresh!

I have taken my cooking, blog and Instagram a lot more seriously over the past couple of months, I like to think I have seen a bit of a payoff from it because I have gained over 100 new followers this month. Which is amazing! Although I stand by what I said at the start, its not about the followers its about me doing this because I love it. Its still nice to see all the same.

So a massive thank you to anyone that reads this or any of my other posts and anyone that has liked, commented or shared my Instagram page.

On a final note.. I'm now sponsored by Nike!

I'm not really, But I had some shirts and a few other bits made with my new logo on. I am also aware that in the photo above I look as though I'm receiving a man of the match award. It was my favourite one out of the 100 photo's that was taken!

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